IN & OUT: Beauty Trends

July 6, 2015

As event planners, we are constantly collaborating with top vendors whom are truly experts in what they do. Not only are they knowledgeable and creative, they have a viewpoint unlike any other noting the trends that come, that go... and creating brand new trends themselves! This week our 'IN & OUT' series will hear from a few of our wedding professional friends. We can expect to hear the down and dirty truth about what is 'in' and what is 'out' as we begin the summer!

Aga Kaskiewicz :: Bridal By Aga

Professional makeup artist.
Specialize in bridal & special occasion makeup both internationally and nationally.

What's OUT for Summer 2015?

Definitely over done face, heavy contour, dark painted eyebrows and heavily done makeup overall.

What's IN for Summer 2015?

As a makeup artist who travels coast to coast and not only works on brides, but celebrities as well, I can say for sure, SKIN IS IN! Dewy, fresh, glow, effortless looking makeup is in. Soft contour & highlight to accentuate & bring out the natural beauty, that's whats in!

Recent Photos from Bridal by Aga

Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-4Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-10 Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-9 Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-2 Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-3Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-7 Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-6 Beauty-Trends-Makeup-By-Aga-Chicago-Tips-Wedding-5

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