Why Visiting Your Destination Wedding Property Before the Big Day is Crucial

Hello and happy Wednesday friends! I am just back from an amazing trip in Puerto Rico with our May destination client and wanted to chat with you a bit about the trip before the wedding! 

When it comes to planning your dream destination wedding, there are countless details to consider, from the color scheme to the guest list. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the importance of visiting your destination property beforehand. While it might seem like an additional task in an already busy schedule, (and an additional expense) visiting your wedding location before your wedding day is a step you shouldn’t skip!

Why you should make a trip to your destination wedding location before your wedding day:

1. Understanding the Space:

Pictures and videos can be deceiving. Only by visiting the property can you truly understand the layout and size of the venue. This firsthand experience allows you to envision where each part of your wedding will take place, be it the ceremony, reception, or cocktail hour. It also helps you identify potential issues like space constraints or accessibility challenges that could impact your guests’ experience. This is so crucial because if you don’t like something the week of the wedding you may not be able to adjust, whereas a few months out you have that option. That’s so worth the investment of this trip right there! 

2. Building a Relationship with Vendors:

Meeting your vendors in person, from the caterer to the floral designer, builds a stronger, more personal relationship. It allows for clearer communication of your vision and expectations. You can also assess their professionalism and quality of service, which is vital for ensuring a smooth and stress-free wedding day. I also suggest you test the transportation company you will be using. Schedule a pick-up at the airport, and see how the vehicles and drivers are. Go see all of the locations for each event. Meet with your hair and makeup team and do a trial if you aren’t traveling with them. And if you can, set up photos or film with the companies you’re working with if they are local. 

3. Checking Accommodations and Amenities:

Your guests’ comfort is paramount. Visiting the property gives you a chance to check the accommodations, ensuring they meet your and your guests’ standards. You can also explore the amenities, like spa services or recreational activities, and plan group events if desired. The experience you have will mirror what your loved ones have. Having all of that knowledge helps you provide a better experience for those traveling to celebrate with you. 

4. Assessing the Local Environment:

Every destination has its unique charm and challenges. Visiting before your wedding day helps you understand local weather patterns, cultural norms, and logistical nuances. This knowledge is crucial for planning, from deciding on the wedding attire to scheduling events around the best weather conditions. We went over rain plans with each venue so we are aware of every scenario for an outdoor wedding in Puerto Rico in May. Now we have no surprises. This is so paramount to peace of mind and planning with intention. 

5. Personalizing Your Wedding:

Being at the location allows for a deeper connection and personalization of your wedding. You can scout for unique photo spots, incorporate local traditions or flavors into your wedding, and gather inspiration from the surrounding environment to make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. Visit the towns and attractions and see what you can suggest for guests. Maybe include a local flavor or product in the welcome bag. Or talk about a fun custom. The more you know, the deeper the experience for everyone and that’s so meaningful. 

6. Reducing Stress:

Lastly, visiting your wedding destination in advance can significantly reduce stress. Familiarizing yourself with the location and finalizing details in person can ease your mind, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the wedding rather than worrying about unknowns. We finalized much of the timing in our tasting, for example, allowing me to have a timeline completed months in advance so that everybody has time to look it over and approve. This means we are all aligned and ready for a day with synergy for our couple. ✨

While it might seem like an extra expense and time commitment, visiting your destination wedding property before your big day is an invaluable step in the planning process. It enhances your understanding of the space, builds crucial vendor relationships, ensures guest comfort, allows for personalization, and most importantly, reduces stress. So, consider this visit not just as a planning step, but as an investment in the success and enjoyment of your most special day.

This is both a practical and emotional benefit of visiting your destination wedding venue beforehand. It’s a blend of practical planning and an added deeper understanding of what makes a wedding truly memorable!

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