Photo: Collin Pierson Photography


Photo: Collin Pierson Photography

Senior Event Consultant

Nicole has been with MDE since 2018. Like Michelle, Nicole is also a part of the Turnkey Hospitality Group – managing logistics of all kinds surrounding our different hospitality brands. She loves organizing (more than any human we have ever known), and a strength of hers is creating systems and procedures that establish order, fluidity, and communication.

She is wonderfully communicative with our clients, and their happiness is very important to her. She is very good at thinking outside of the box when a solution is needed, and also comes to the table ready to collaborate. Nicole prides herself on being solutions-oriented and immensely attentive to detail.

In the office, her humor is something that Michelle loves, and depends on, in addition to her production talents and creative ideation.

As a senior planner, she is detail-oriented, honest, thoughtful, and caring with her clients. She loves being able to collaborate on events and to watch everything come together for the special moments in our clients’ lives. For her, each event is personal, and every client matters.

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