Photo: Collin Pierson Photography

Photo: Collin Pierson Photography

Planner. Animal Lover. Friend of Nature. Weight Lifter.

Hello! I’m Nicole Lee, I’ve been a planner with MDE since 2018.

Like Michelle, I am also a part of the Turnkey Hospitality Group – managing logistics of all kinds surrounding our different hospitality brands.

I love organizing and creating systems which is a universal language between my roles. I love getting to collaborate on events and to watch everything come together for the special moments in our clients’ lives.

Previous to working for MDE, I owned a personalized pet care service. I am very drawn to animals. Especially, dogs. I might be a dog whisperer?lol. I have a fur baby named Adia. She is a havanese-toy poodle mix.

Hobbies: I?m a pretty active human. I love doing all things outdoors. I am also a weight lifter. If I?m moving, I?m happy 🙂

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