6 things you don’t know about me: Michelle Durpetti

August 23, 2011

Originally, when friends and fellow planners kept telling me two years ago that I NEEDED a blog and HAD to have one I would always have the overwhelming desire to hide under a table. A BLOG!? ME?! OH GEEZ. What would I say?!




But I knew they were right, I mean how could they not be with all of the success they have had…. And after one, I was hooked! I actually love writing about what inspires us here at MDE (which let me tell you is pinned up all over our walls, taped into our notebooks, discussed over lunch, we LOVE inspiration!), showcasing our fabulous brides, sharing tips and even venting occasionally.


I especially love when I get to talk about, highlight and promote all of the fantastic different vendors, beautiful places,  and fabulous people that we get to work at and with throughout our events.  – but the standard “where do you find inspiration” type interviews are just so boring to me….and these people and companies are SO not boring! So what to do? 

We have decided to launch “6 things you don’t know about me” feature.


The idea is simple – we drew our inspiration from the “25 things you didn’t know about  me” in US Weekly. We are tweaking ours just a bit…25 is A LOT, so we decided 6 was a nice, fun well rounded number. We will be posting one of these a week…The first one is about MDE founder Michelle Durpetti (me!) who actually came up with 8 and is therefore already bending the rules a bit…Enjoy!


8 things you do not know about Me:

Michelle Durpetti

I know the ENTIRE dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. AND Beat it. Since I was about 5.

(Yes, somewhere, there is video of me ROCKIN the thriller dance on the mantle of my parent’s fireplace…in a white sequined glove… I was an only child. OF course there is video!)


I am a movie quoter. Especially James Bond {Fanatic!}

              I am OBSESSED with teeny, mini things…especially mini ponies!


I love the fact that I am adopted. To me it is proof positive that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.


S’mores are in my top two favorite dessert items of all times…I LOVE bonfires!



(everyone knows vanilla cupcakes are my all time favorite!!)


I always get just a bit teary after I send a bride down the aisle…Primarily out of excitement for her, but also relief that I have done my job! (the jitters NEVER go away)


I actually FEAR khaki pants. One word: PLEATS {shudders!}


I absolutely LOVE the movies Bedknobs & Broomsticks and Marry Poppins and watch them whenever I am feeling blue


I have more than one tattoo {gasp!}


I think it is our DUTY as human beings to have humanity for the world around us. Regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, orientation, background or socio-economic status.

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