Wedding in the Round!

February 7, 2012

Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony and needed a masseuse afterwards for all the crooks in your neck? Have you had to strain so hard to hear the vows that you wondered if you needed a hearing aid?


A wedding in the round solves these problems chicly and efficiently! The ancient Greeks used it to put on plays and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was set in the round so that even the plebeians had a great seat! A round seating arrangement can help the guests feel closer to the couple and ensure that they can hear and see the ceremony. After all, isn’t a wedding to bring the bride and groom together with their closest friends and families? Ideal for outdoor weddings, seating in the round is visually appealing and creates a cozy, personal space for the guests. Cheers to weddings in the round for 2012!


We also LOVE these alternative seating options which include, but are only limited by your imagination, to;



This is the most common way to arrange your ceremony seating.




Angled theater style seating.



.The best way to ensure that all your guests have a great view.


This style of seating has a much more intimate feel than typical wedding ceremony seating. We LOVE this idea for a more casual setting, such as a backyard ceremony!


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