Giving back in November – National Adoption Awareness Month 2015

November 13, 2015

In honor of National Adoption Awareness month, we are sharing a write up done on Michelle by the Hepzibah Children’s Association! What is Hephzibah, you ask?

Hephzibah is Oak Park’s oldest charity—founded in 1897 when Mary Wessels opened her home to children from a nearby orphanage that had been destroyed by fire. Responding to a need in the community, Mary continued to welcome youngsters into her home and made it her mission to “care for society’s most vulnerable children.” Today, Hephzibah’s services are many and we are continually developing new programs that meet the changing needs of the community. Hephzibah’s Mission: To help children thrive and families flourish through innovative, community-based programs.

Hephzibah’s Group Homes are where abused and neglected children come to heal and grow, where they can be free of fear, worry, and loneliness. Our Family Based Services renews and strengthens family bonds and our Foster Care Services creates new, loving and secure family ties. Hephzibah’s Day Care program offers an award winning educational experience for children in the community — regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

And why was Michelle written up? Read below to learn more:

Well, for starters, November 1st began national adoption awareness month 2015. This is something very close to Michelle’s heart, as she was adopted at birth by Marion and Tony Durpetti and raised in River Forest, IL.  Durpetti is the granddaughter of Gene Michelotti, founder of the iconic Chicago steakhouse, Gene & Georgetti. Durpetti heads the restaurant’s marketing and runs Michelle Durpetti Events, which specializes in weddings.

“I’ve had a good education, a roof over my head, and I’ve been so loved by my family,” Durpetti says. “If everyone took five minutes and thought about how lucky they are, they wouldn’t have as bad a day as they think they’re having.”

One way Durpetti will express her gratitude in November is by donating proceeds from all desserts ordered at Gene & Georgetti’s in Chicago and Rosemont to Hephzibah, to celebrate national adoption awareness month 2015. For more information on Hephzibah, please click here.


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