The truth about wedding planning right now

July 13, 2022

Just a little pretty here to feed the soul ✨ and a little wisdom for everyone planning a wedding or event these days:

A creative’s pricing is based on their time and experience in the industry, not any one client’s budget .👀

I know, we may need to go back and read that again, because it is the truth here in the wide world of weddings. Our time spent, knowledge garnered and experience cultivated in this industry is what determines pricing. 👈🏼

Especially right now, with everyone talking about a “boom” without talking about the realities of staffing shortages, supply chain interruptions, and so many companies and people operating at a much faster speed than they would normally to accommodate all of the clients, the changes, the shortages and whatever the “boom” manifests itself to be on any given day.

✨✨Our expertise is what is carrying us through this incredibly hectic time. ✨✨✨ So remember, you will get what you pay for, friends. Investing in quality vendors with knowledge, expertise and know-how is always worth the money.

It’s a lot to absorb. Especially when you hear a friend used a “reasonable videographer” or something like that. The temptation to bargain basement vendor selection is a big one.

For those of you looking for wedding vendors, what can you do to protect yourself, respect vendors and choose wisely?

1. Consider hiring a planner immediately to help you navigate this process. Now more than ever, relationships and a super solid vendor team will be paramount to a successful wedding and event. Our job is to guide you through the planning process, provide creative solutions and beautiful ideas. 🤩

2. Be willing to adapt and be flexible. Dates are scarce + availability is inconsistent, so be willing to think outside of the box so that you have more options. 📍

3. Be kind, be respectful, be communicative -> so important! So many of the creatives that I speak to every day are overwhelmed right now. They are also so grateful to be working and getting back to the jobs they love. But they are overwhelmed. Kindness goes a very, very long way. And that goes both ways. 💚

Image Credits | Photography: Collin Pierson Photography | Floral: Kesh Events, Inc. | Styling + Planning: Michelle Durpetti Events | Linen: Windy City Linen | Print Collateral: Calligraphy by CT

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