Named One Of The Best Destination Wedding Planners

March 22, 2023

PartySlate has released its Top List of Best Destination Wedding Planners for Your International Nuptials and they included Michelle Durpetti Events! We love seeing it and are elated to be listed. Our 2023 wedding season already has us traveling to some favorite destinations including Rome and Paris!

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Best Destination Wedding Planners for Your International Nuptials [Top List]

by Lauren Mandel and Pamela Rothbard · March 3, 2023

“A destination wedding offers couples the opportunity to immerse their guests in an experience, rather than just a celebration,” shares event planner, Michelle Rago of renowned Michelle Rago Destinations. She adds, “We encourage couples to choose a destination that means something to them that can be shared with their closest family and friends.”

At PartySlate, we always suggest hiring an experienced planner for your wedding — but when it comes to a destination wedding, that recommendation is more of a rule. A destination wedding planner will help you navigate the logistics of planning a celebration in another location with potentially different customs and languages.

But should you hire a wedding planner where you live who has experience planning international weddings, or a planner who lives in your destination spot? Rago shares, “More often that not, a couple is choosing a particular destination for their love of that culture and community. With that comes a responsibility in the planning process to be respectful of local vendors and protocol. We believe that, as long as a producer has the affinity for collaboration, a good planner can produce anywhere in the world.”

Below we’ve rounded up the best destination wedding planners in your city — as well as in popular international wedding locales — to help in your selection process. We chose planners who have showcased multiple real weddings from international destinations on their PartySlate profiles. When you see a planner whose work you like or who has worked in your preferred destination, you can reach out to them directly from this article or click through to peruse even more of their work on their profile.

Michelle Durpetti, Michelle Durpetti Events

Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events offers a high level of personal service with a sense of fun and thoughtfulness balanced with a strong detail orientation and sophistication. This magical destination wedding in Italy was perfectly placed in an 8th-century monastery with a reception in a dreamy courtyard reception that featured long wooden king’s tables and delicate florals.

International wedding locales include: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; Umbria, Italy

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