Engagement Season Is In Full Swing!

December 6, 2017,

Photo Credits: Collin Pierson Photography, Gerber & Scarpelli, Collin Pierson Photography, Collin Pierson Photography

Hello readers!!

Did you know that 40% of all engagements happen between November + February??

So, happy holidays, and HAPPY ENGAGEMENT SEASON!

I thought it would be fun to share some facts about engagements to kick off the fun. For example, do you know where the idea of engagement rings began?

Some say that the idea of an engagement ring goes far back in time. Apparently, it started with the Ancient Egyptians. They believed that the finger where this jewel was to be worn had a vein connected straight to the heart.

The first documented evidence of engagement rings comes from the 15th century. Then, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria offered Mary of Burgundy a gold diamond ring to show his love and commitment.

Did you know? The most expensive diamond ring on our planet is the Blue Diamond Ring, sold in 2013 for $9.49 million. That is quite the sparkler I bet!

Best time to get engaged?

You must have thought: Valentine’s day, right? Well, you’re close. The truth is the most popular engagement month in a year is December.

It makes sense. There’s a whole magical atmosphere that builds up around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It helps people open up and see things from another perspective.

All engagement rings are on left hands. Wrong!

The general assumption is that all nations wear this ring the same way. Nothing is farther from the truth.

The people from the USA, Canada, UK and France wear the ring on the left hand. Those from Russia or India wear it on the right hand.

And with traditions ever evolving, men and women can both wear engagement rings. So we say enjoy!

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Photo Credits: Jaime Campanelli Photography, Carasco Photography, Carasco Photography

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