5 ways to keep calm on your wedding day

August 23, 2022

Keep calm on your wedding day with these 5 tips! It’s the morning of the wedding, and the stomach butterflies won’t stop fluttering. Don’t fret, it’s totally normal! A wedding day is a big day for brides and grooms! 

Follow our 5 tips to help calm your nerves on your wedding day and enjoy every moment!

Tip #1: Hydrate

Be sure to drink water on your wedding day! Infusing it with cucumber or fresh fruit would be a great way to flavor it too. And if you need a little zen, try some tea without caffeine. If you’re like us though, you may need a nice latte to start the day so go for a Macha!

Tip #2: Find Your Zen

Maybe a morning yoga class or even just a few minutes of meditation can help to center you. Remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for and visualize yourself living in every moment of the day. Ask the universe to show you all the good on your wedding day and be open for all the love that comes your way!  

If you are more physical, then maybe a morning run or walk is the way to find your center. Many times people forget that on a big day, the small habits we have every day can be really excellent ways to care for ourselves and prepare for all that is to come on this big day. 

Tip #3: Go With The Flow

Remember to enjoy yourself. If things aren’t going as planned, take advice from Taylor Swift and remember to just ‘shake it off’ -> inevitably in every wedding day there is a moment that isn’t planned for. But remember THIS is why you’ve hired professionals to produce and manage the day. Trust in us and let us do our jobs so you aren’t using time + energy on your wedding day to focus on something that you have people for. 

And, if that isn’t enough, throw some of your favorite tunes on and have a sing-along/dance party with your people. This will help bring down the anxiety, release some of that stress and remind you to have fun! 

Tip #4: Sneak Away

It’s easy to lose focus of what this day really is about: you and your soon to be spouse! There has been a mountain of work, time and money invested into this day so naturally expectations run high as can be; but keep in mind at the end of this day is the beginning of your marriage and that is the really key component to carry with you.

Photo: Joana Toto Photography 

If nerves are high though, we suggest sneaking away with eachother before the ceremony to share a moment together and get away from the crowds, planning and expectations of the day! Take a stroll, or stand together and just breathe. For some, this may not be possible so perhaps it is just a text message and for others, maybe this is your first look. Just hold on to each other throughout the day and experience everything you can together, because this is the beginning of married life!

Tip #5: Take It All In

Our final tip to stay calm on your wedding day is simple. We always try to remind our couples to take it all in and enjoy the evening. Before the reception, take a moment in your reception space with your spouse and take in all the work coming to life in this beautiful space you’ve created. Remember that everyone in the room is there to celebrate your love in that beautiful space and that this is one of the few times in life that the majority of the people you both love will be in one place and full of joy. Soak that all of that love! 

Photo: Ann & Kam Photography 

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