3 Questions with Erin of ECBG Cake Studio

August 17, 2023, ,

We're excited to continue our series where we highlight some of our favorite creative partners! If you missed our kickoff post, check it out here. Today's Q&A is with Erin from ECBG Cake Studio. Erin and ECBG are a joy to work with. Creative and professional all at once, and of course delicious! ECBG is a go-to for MDE clients and also the place where our restaurant sources our famous Old School Chocolate Cake from 🤩. It is my pleasure to introduce Erin Martin to you this week friends, enjoy! 

How did you get started in weddings & events?

I remember making a mood board in 2017. It was covered in huge luxurious weddings and cakes and decor. I had a goal to make 10 wedding cakes that year. Now we are making 15 wedding cakes each weekend. It's incredible to think about! I started by going to each and every networking event I possibly could. I did every single style shoot, and started advertising in wedding magazines. I joined a wedding organization, a wedding industry mastermind, and became a curator for a wedding blog. I wanted to position myself as an expert in the industry. I wanted to become a main player that people took seriously. Bakers are not as revered in the industry and I wanted to change that. 

So far, your most significant or favorite memory - a favorite location or client? Something you felt was a moment for you professionally.

I have done a few wedding cakes for some of the players of the Chicago Blackhawks. As a fan, it means so much to me that they trust ECBG and choose to work with us on such an important and meaningful occasion. To over deliver on their vision, and provide a delicious dessert to their guests is everything to me. The fact that they had glowing reviews makes me so proud of my company and my team! 

Why is what you do so important to weddings?

When the couple walks into the ballroom to see their room reveal and they see the cake "centerpiece" sitting in the center of the ballroom, it brings their whole design together and acts as a focal point. Also, for those couples who hold wedding cakes as one of their priorities, it is so important to me to give them their dream cake cutting moment. The cake cutting moment is such a special moment on the wedding day. It acts as the first task they do together as a couple. It is a symbolic offering they provide to their guests that says, "this is what we chose and love, and this is what we want to share with you." It's a delicious tradition, and with many wedding traditions being outdated, this is one I can stand behind! 

Based on your experience, what's one thing you’d tell all couples everywhere if you could.

Choose what design and flavor YOU LOVE. Don't focus on what mom, or grandma wants. Choose what the two of you want. Your guests will love it because they love you! 

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